Bali Harmoni, a brand synonymous to the seamless merger of tranquility and modern living, has made its mark over the past decade. Its promise to build quality properties has been fulfilled over and over again, sharing its success with hundreds of investors who had helped made it possible. Originating from P.T Satya Indosin Laksana, the company first set up to develop quality residences designed in modern Balinese style. Over the past 10 years, the projects that P.T Satya Indosin Laksana had undertaken had proven themselves a sound investment as Bali Harmoni became known to many for its quality projects. With its panoramic success, Laksana has now set up its regional (Asia) office in Singapore - Java Land Pte Ltd in order to take care of our prospective investors in Asia. Java Land would thus be subjected to the country's law and regulations, providing a much better and more comprehensive protection for our investors.