Why Invest With Us

Java Land is a strongly principled firm where we are determined to give you the best return for your investment. While there may be quite a number of other investment options, be assured that Java Land would definitely be the better choice with respect to affordability, safety and autonomy.
• Unlike most investments, there is no large mandatory payment to be made. Instead we welcome investors to start investing with us for as low as $10,000. • No management fees are required from the investors to manage the projects.
• Risk is minimised and spread out amongst the developer’s projects instead of a single project or unit. • Protected against nay policy changes and possible fluctuations in the projects or currency values. • Managed by professionals for all legal and administrative matters with no hidden or extra costs. • 10 years of excellent record in developing projects and investments. • Every investor will be registered with ACRA as a Preference Shareholder.
• Invest within individual’s ability. • Ability to sell out anytime with the stipulated notice period. • Awareness of developer’s portfolio.