I wanted to invest in property but did not want to get bogged down by potential balloon payments, government policy changes or currency fluctuations especially for overseas properties. Buying physical properties also forces me to put all my eggs in one basket. Liquidity is important to me and Java Land provided me with the perfect solution to my needs. I invest with what I am comfortable with and can be assured that me and my family's needs will be taken care of.
I was looking for a way to make my money work harder for me instead of leaving it in banks where it could not even keep up with inflation. But I did not want to take too much risks with certain instruments that I do not understand fully or required me to keep monitoring as my job keeps me busy most of the time. Java Land makes investing a simple and straightforward affair and I have parked my money with them for many years. Their regular and high interest payouts certainly are very much more attractive to other options like Fixed deposits and Trust Funds. Java Land keeps me updated with the company's activities and there is no hidden management fees or taxes that may surprise me.
I would definitely continue to invest with this company for my medium and long term investment needs because I believe that having been around for over a decade, it is secure and trustworthy. I visited the projects of Java Land in Bali in 2014. Everything I saw re-affirmed that I have made a correct decision investing with Java Land. Personally, I am not well versed in managing and growing my finances. Java Land has done a great job to help me grow my assets steadily over the years. I would definitely recommend my friends to join me and grow our assets together.