Java Land has over a decade of experience at building the quintessential home away from home. Through tireless research and planning, our villas would not disappoint even the harshest of critics. We pride ourselves on continuing our decade of excellence for many more years ahead.

Our villas are designed specially to reflect the true essence of a secluded stylish escape. With the comforts of home at one's fingertips, all our projects strive to gift our partners a much needed break away from the demands of life. A chance to embrace the symphony of life as one takes in the harmonic and serenity of the surroundings.

In the bid to design a stylish escape, it is essential to have several considerations in mind. Of which, comfort, chic, and serenity are given priority whenever Java Land undertake new projects. For a successful escape, our designers endeavoured to blend in the surroundings, to become one with nature. Be it the sanitary or shower facilities, they are chicly designed to encompass your gateway to nirvana.
Posted By : Kyi Lay Nwe